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Honest and Professional Security Services by Linewatch

Linewatch was established to protect and serve the private and business communities in Victoria and Melbourne. Our ethos is simple, we strive to provide the highest level of service in a professional and presentable way, matching great communication skills with a fresh, open and honest, competent approach to providing security services in Melbourne and beyond.


It’s a fact of modern life that the world isn’t always how we’d ideally want it to be. With over 21,000 criminal offences reported in central Melbourne alone in 2018, city life can be unpredictable at best, and violent at it’s worst. Melbourne is a great place to live, but it experiences the same sort of problems that modern cities around the world are facing. Linewatch aims to provide private security services in Victoria that address the rising risks associated with holding events, doing business, and maintaining commercial and private premises in the present day.


Events Security services in Melbourne and Victoria

Private security is an effective way of dealing with the threats that rising crime levels present. Linewatch looks to compliment the efforts of the state police, in a more tailored manner. Because we are privately hired, security is on-site at all times. Solutions to problems are immediate. If you are looking for events security in Melbourne, or in the wider Victorian area, Linewatch can offer a completely dedicated solution. We’ll complete a full and comprehensive, expert assessment and deploy personnel that can deal with any situation, that are trained to be an approachable and well-presented presence. Deterrent is often enough, and when it isn’t, Linewatch staff are the best trained public security staff in the Melbourne area.


Business Security services in Melbourne and Victoria

Sometimes maintaining business premises in the city or suburbs can be a challenge. In an urban climate where crime is growing – total offences in Victoria have risen from 455,000 in 2014, to 508,000 in 2018 – office, warehouse and retail premises are a major risk for businesses. Losses due to crime and criminal damage can be costly, and the first thing that a potential thief or offended will weigh up when selecting a location is its level of protection. Linewatch has specialist Business Security teams dedicated to analysing and protecting retail and business premises. What’s intentionally low-key to a customer is a highly visible and deterring presence to a potential criminal.


Crowd Control services in Melbourne and Victoria

In the period between October 2017 and September 2018, there were 80,000 instances of Crimes against the Person recorded in the state of Victoria. The police are dealing with rising crime rates, and they can’t be everywhere at once – of those 80,000 crimes, 13,500 remain unsolved. In the same period, of 323,000 Property and Public Order offences 178,000 remain unsolved.


Linewatch looks to bridge that gap and when you employ our security guards in Melbourne, you reduce your risks. Response time is immediate, and any unwanted behaviour will be dealt with in a professional manner, immediately. We’re there to make your business, private party or corporate event run smoothly.


Security Assessments for Business and Private clients in Melbourne and Victoria

Linewatch is a modern Security Guard Companies Melbourne and we’re approachable and friendly. We can provide a full analysis of your risks and security needs. We can tailor services to suit any business or private budget and we can offer an effective solution to any ongoing problem that your business or private premises or people are experiencing.


Don’t give in to crime. Give us a call today on 1300 783 613 to discuss your needs.


Linewatch. Always in line. Always on watch.

Professional Security Services in Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, and providing security services all over Victoria, Linewatch is a modern security services company that provides fresh and presentable, professional and highly competent solutions in, but not limited to:


  • Crowd control in Victoria and Melbourne
  • Event security in Melbourne, and beyond
  • Static security guard services all over the state of Victoria
  • Mobile patrol services, Victoria wide
  • Asset protection in the CBD and Melbourne, and all over Victoria
  • People and Staff protection in Melbourne and Victoria


Our Security Guards in Melbourne and beyond

Linewatch Security personnel are carefully selected and vetted, and highly trained in line with a company ethos that looks to provide the most reliable and effective, approachable and well-presented security service in the Melbourne area and beyond. At Linewatch we don’t just provide guards and crowd controllers, our aim is to always supply personnel that will be an asset to any private party, corporate event or premises, that goes beyond security alone.


Linewatch staff are punctual, courteous and honest individual team members, that work hard at all times to be attentive and reactive to your security needs, and the wider needs of your staff, assets and your guests or clients. We turn out a new breed of security operatives at Linewatch, and we’ve carefully designed our structures and training procedures in order to provide the most modern and progressive Security Companies Melbourne.  We encourage personal development and fitness, and we reward accountability, work-ethic and responsibility with a great work environment, which enables us to recruit and retain the finest staff in the industry. A Linewatch security operative is approachable and considerate to your needs, and suitable for any event or environment.


Whatever your Personal & Asset security, Public Security, Door Supervisors, or Crowd Control needs are, we can design and implement the perfect solution for you, drawing on our expert team of staff and applying our vast experience and knowledge to make sure that your event or business runs without a hitch. At Linewatch, out motto is to be “Always in line, always on watch”, and when you hire Linewatch that’s exactly what you get; a dedicated presence and constant protection. We pride ourselves on our abilities, and we’re a registered security company under Australia's Private Security Act.


When Linewatch was founded, the aim was to be a reliable and dependable security services company that trained guards and operatives to perform excellently within a wide range of environments and situations.  Whether we’re at an event providing Crowd Control services in rural Victoria, or we’re providing Corporate Security services in Melbourne CBD, our operatives are trained to deal with guests, staff and clients in a professional and competent manner, with the minimum of fuss, to provide the most effective service possible.


Whether you need event security solutions in Melbourne, or asset protection in Victoria, Linewatch has the knowledge and abilities to suit. Give us a call today on 1300 783 613 to arrange a security assessment, or just to have friendly chat about your party, business or event.

Linewatch. Always in Line. Always on watch.

Trust Linewatch and Enjoy the Best Security Services in Melbourne

If you are in need of a security provider for yourself, your business or your valuables, Linewatch Security is the best choice. The company is an unmatched leader in the security industry because they offer a range of services that are second to none. The company delivers solutions to the security problems faced by private or commercial business sectors, corporate or industry clientele. Their exceptional customer service, great understanding of client requirements and high-quality personnel has gained a reputation among top organizations. For all your professional security services as well as your protection needs, you can trust Linewatch Security. They offer a broad range of professional security services which include Personal& Asset security, Static Guarding, Property Security Services among others.


When holding a party or an event, you have to deal with lots of things such as the decoration, the guestlists and to top it all, the security system. It is quite important that you keep uninvited guests away especially those that can come and mess up the whole thing you have carefully planned. Linewatch Security is here to help. With Event Security Hire Melbourne, you are assured of top-notch event security services for every one of your parties or events. Irrespective of the size of your event, Event Security Hire Melbourne will provide a maximum security to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Their security guards arrive early and on time to guard the area and every security loopholes.  No matter the size of your event, Linewatch Security guards got you covered.


Linewatch Security services are not only limited to events, businesses, and homes but it also extends to universities. Among the other University Security Companies Melbourne, Linewatch is meant to keep your staff, students, visitors on campus safe and secure. It comes with a 24-hour control room monitoring, fire, CCTV among others. University Security Companies Melbourne has team members who are highly trained in matters of emergencies which include mental issues aid and first aid. The team members use the best alarm systems and CCTV system in the market so you will rest assured that your campus is protected by the best technology.


Security Guards are needed for important reasons and this is why Linewatch has provided Security Guards Melbourne.  It is important for you to rely on your security personnel and rest assured in their ability to keep you, your business and your assets safe and secured. Security Guards Melbourne are perfect in their duties and they are available 24/7 to keep you safe and assist you with any of your security needs.

The company understands that your security guards are the first people your visitors see when they come to your premises and this is why they recruit only the best security guards. All Linewatch Security Guards Melbourne should undergo rigorous training exercises to ensure the best and most reliable services. Linewatch security guards can also act as concierge if you are in need of a strong, yet friendly presence to safeguard your physical property, assets, staff, and guests.

Linewatch – Your Best Security Provider

For all your professional security services as well as your protection needs, the brand name you can trust is Linewatch. The company offers a broad range of professional security services which include Personal & Asset security, Public Security, Door Supervisors, and Expert Crowd Controllers. If you are in need of a security provider for yourself, your company or your valuables, Linewatch Security is an excellent choice.  Each of the security services provided by Linewatch Security comes with flexible and diverse packages to provide a lasting solution to your security needs. These days, the crime rate is on the rise. Gone are the days when lasers, cameras and alarm systems used to do the trick, right now even your business is at risk! Choosing the right security company for your assets and your businesses is a very important decision as it could lead to years of catastrophic loss of investments or years of a safe and a secured business with rest of mind. Your choice will make all the difference.


With the increase in the rise of public violence these days, if you are holding an event it is important to make sure that every part of your event is secured. You do not want things to get out of control. You can depend on Public Security Services Melbourne by Linewatch Security to protect people and property at your party or event. Their dedicated team members do not only provide securities at your event, but they also monitor and maintain issues before they escalate into what will be the next breaking news on the media. At Linewatch Security,  a peace of mind is very important to the community at large and Public Security Services Melbourne is available to provide security needs that arise when holding a large scale or medium events such as sporting events, community events, street parties, work functions, birthday parties and a host of others.


We love to party, well, at least some of us do, and when there are enough alcohol and booze, guess what? Hooligans began to show up. They do not show up alone at sporting events but somehow they still manage to appear at your birthday parties.  You know they, you have seen them. They do not respect lives or properties. They act as if they can do whatever they like to whoever they please. So how do you protect yourself, your business and your guests? The answer is Party Security Guard Hire Melbourne by Linewatch Security. This service has access to your business, property, and events with security guards that are available around the clock.  Party Security Guard Hire Melbourne offers a broad range of security guards ranging from party guards to property patrols, you are covered for every security need.


Talking about hooligans at the party, Linewatch Security understands the need to hold a great event and why it is important for your guests to have a good time. This is why the company is the best among the Crowd Control Security Companies Melbourne to handle violent or unruly crowd professionally and respectfully. Being the best among the Crowd Control Security Companies Melbourne Linewatch trained to handle situations that involve illicit drugs, alcohol, and violence in general. When it comes to the security of your property, business, and self, you can’t settle for the second best, settle for Linewatch Security!

Hire Professional Security Services in Melbourne

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There are very various security companies in Melbourne that offer security services and guarantee your satisfaction. However, you need to be very attentive when choosing a company as there a number of security companies in Melbourne.Among the wide range of organisations, Linewatch offers professional services based on its clients' needs. Our security company provides a wide range of services from University Security Services Melbourne to corporate and commercial security. Maintaing security at its highest level in universities is a must. All the students studyingin universities should feel safe and that is why each university should pay much attention to security issues. Linewatch prides itself on delivering 24/7 University Security Services Melbourne so you can rest assured that all students study in a safe and sound place.  Due to the best methods and system of Linewatch, a safe and secure environment for staff and students is always guaranteed. Just contact this team and all people at the university, as well as university property and assets, will be safe and secure.


Linewatch security team also offers corporate services. Among the other Corporate Security Companies Melbourne, Linewatch stands out and delivers professional uniformed quality services to each and every customer. Hiring a professional team is the first step to have a great corporate event, socialise with people and enjoy your time without any disturbance. Parties should be fun and full of memories, but most importantly – everybody should feel safe in a corporate event. Hence, getting help from a perfect security team like Linewatch is very essential and plays a crucial role in having a great time with your guests. Being one of the most reliable Corporate Security Companies Melbourne, Linewatch strives to help you feel a full excitement and enjoy your party no matter how much it lasts. With our professional team, you can be sure that your event will run smoothly without any unforeseen disturbance. Linewatch aims at giving you 100% assurance that you can sit back, be stress-free and enjoy your event.


As one of the most professional Event Security Companies Melbourne, Linewatch treats every client equally and customer satisfaction is what the company is proud of.  Our professional security firm in Melbourne with the core responsibility to provide the most professional and affordable security services strives to offer outstanding customer service no matter when you want it. Linewatch’s commitment to its clients is to offer tailor-made safety and security solutions they require. Being one of the excellent Event Security Companies Melbourne, Linewatch respects its clients and believes in honest andreliable services. Our expert team is more than happy to serve you and give you the best experience. Whether you need university security or event security services, contact Linewatch to see how we can help you with your security needs.

Hire professional Security Services by an Expert Team

Looking for reliable cost-efficient Security Companies Melbourne? Look no further than Linewatch Security- Linewatch.com.au has all that you want when it comes to personal and asset security.  Getting the best Security Companies Melbourne may not be an easy task as there are numerous companies that provide security services however, what makes Linewatch unique is our customer service, highly trained security guards and we stand by our promise . Ifyou want to get high-quality security services, then Linewatch Security is one of the best and reliable Security Guard Companies Melbourne that provides a wide range corporate and Commercial Security Services Melbourne. We provide commercial security services and considered to be a reputable security guard company in Melbourne. Linewatch prides itself on offering high end quality security services and guarantees your satisfaction. Linewatch has the finest and qualified security staff and that is why it is considered to be one of Australia’s leading security companies. As a Melbourne based security firm, Linewatch provides professional services to all government agencies, entertainment venues and non-government organisations, multinational corporations and so on.


Linewatch has developed the best private security services in Melbourne so that each person can enjoy there event and continue their business operations without any hassles. In order to identify any unique factors influencing their security situation, our team is ready to discuss each detail with its customers. Our professional team will consult with all new and returning customers in order to better understand their security needs. As our security team understandsyour special requirements, we provide security guards that would best fit your requirements. Taking a client-oriented approach, Linewatch learns how best to apply its extensive experience and professionalism to suit your special requirements.


Being one of the most reliable Security Guard Companies Melbourne, Linewatch provides security services based on each customer's desires. The scope of our company skills and experience allows our specialised team to adapt to almost any security situation. All you have to do is pick up the phone and discuss your security needs and we will be gladly to help assist you with our services. Linewatch prides itself on offering well-organized security personnel which is trained and experienced to offer the best and most affordable security services.Delivering individual, corporate and Commercial Security Services Melbourne that meet requirements and expectations and operating environments of the clients is the main of Linewatch. With Linewatch, you will enjoy 24/7 response security services. Melbourne is a booming city and keeping the security at its highest level is really essential. Linewatch brings local security guards so you can rest assured everything is under control. The professional private security contractors are licensed to deliver a perfect security control in a variety of events, functions, and gatherings.Our Crowd controllershave all the know-how and can provide an excellent approach to any occasion. We can ensure there are no unruly people from interrupted your bsuness so that you can better focus on your business operation. We can also ensure that all kinds of security risks are addressed quickly or avoided altogether. In general, control services are complex and it calls for training and extensive experience in the industry. Having many years of experience, Linewatch always develops its skills and opts for extensive training in this field. In addition to our professional experience, wemaintain new techniques and aims at satisfying every person.